Membership Information:   


We are pleased to share with you that our New England Membership rates have not increased since 2008!   Benefits of being a member include the following:   You receive a discount on all of your registrations with National by being a State member!   Adult memberships are $10  and Coorporate Farms are $25.  


MEMBERSHIP FOR JUNIORS UNDER THE AGE OF 21 (on Jan 1st of current membership year)  ARE FREE!   

Junior members who exhibit a Brown Swiss at  The Big E will receive a gift for being a member and the opportunity to enter the New England Brown Swiss Bell Ringer Contest.  





*forms not received by that date may not be published in the official convention program

What is needed from our New England Members: 

For 2021:   Your paid 2021 Membership dues will get your farm listed in the active member directory that will be published in the official convention program.    Please complete the additional form with info that should be included.   


If you wish to run a larger ad, business card sized ads start at $100. 


for more info.   Deadline:  June 10, 2021

  • Your paid membership dues will get you a FREE listing in the official convention program. 

  • Do you want to run an ad in the program?  Rates begin at $100 (call Kristie for details!)

  • Do you have an animal you are interested in consigning?  (Call Bob Gould ASAP:  413-531-9445)

  • Do you have farm swag (pens, paper, cups, etc.) or business swag (ask your local feed store or semen sales rep for pens, magnets)?  Or farm items (soap samples, maple candies, etc.)We need items that we can include in the bags received at check-in.  We plan to have 150 bags.

  • Plan to attend the convention and swiss sale!  Meet Brown Swiss friends!  Book your hotel early as it will fill up.   

Contact Information for the National

Brown Swiss Association USA: 

800 Pleasant Street, Beloit, Wisconsin 53511-5456

Ph: 608-365-4474    •    Fax: 608-365-5577    •   


The Brown Swiss Association was established in 1880, registers about 10,000 animals per year and serves about 1800 combined adult and junior members. It is governed by a 10-person board of directors elected by and from the membership.

Pictured here is Cutting Edge B Whime, a  Bell Ringer Spring Calf exhibited in 2020 by youth member, Kirbie Nichols of Hadley, MA.   

BFJ7536 Cutting Edge B Whime.jpg