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Membership Information:   

We are pleased to share with you that our New England Membership rates have not increased since 2008!   Benefits of being a member include the following:   You receive a discount on all of your registrations with National by being a State member! Adult memberships are $10 and Corporate Farms are $25.  


MEMBERSHIP FOR JUNIORS UNDER THE AGE OF 21 (on Jan 1st of current membership year)  ARE FREE!   

Junior members who exhibit a Brown Swiss at  The Big E will receive a gift for being a member and the opportunity to enter the New England Brown Swiss Bell Ringer Contest.  


2023 Membership can be found HERE!

Contact Information for the National Brown Swiss Association USA: 

  800 Pleasant Street, Beloit, Wisconsin    53511-5456

Ph: 608-365-4474    •    Fax: 608-365-5577    •   


The Brown Swiss Association was established in 1880, registers about 10,000 animals per year and serves about 1800 combined adult and junior members. It is governed by a 10-person board of directors elected by and from the membership.

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