New England     Brown Swiss  Association 



Mission Statement:   To promote and expand the Brown Swiss breed with programs that assist the membership and industry to compete favorably in the market place now and in the future for New England Brown Swiss Breeders. 


National Brown Swiss Convention 2021

Hadley, MA 

Hosted by New England Brown Swiss Association 

Dates:  June 29 - July 2, 2021



Hoodies and T-Shirts for SALE! 

Call/Text/Email/Message Kristie Kelly for orders 

802-274-8650 or

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New England Brown Swiss

Annual Meeting & Convention Planning Meeting:    Nov 21, 2020  Greenfield Farmers Coop,   Greenfield, MA    

Stay tuned for ZOOM information! Meeting will be virtual this year. 


Brown Swiss cattle can be grey, dark brown, tan or even almost white in color. Their hooves, muzzle and switch are usually black. They are often noted for their big floppy ears and docile temperament.

Perhaps the oldest of all dairy breeds, Brown Swiss originated in the valleys and mountain slopes of Switzerland around 4000 B.C., according to some historians.

Today, the beautiful Brown Cattle can still be found across the globe, including in the United States, where the largest concentration is in Wisconsin, Iowa and Ohio. The world population of Brown Swiss is reported to be about 7 million, which ranks either first or second in world-wide population of dairy cattle. The Brown Swiss you see grazing across the United States countryside descend from initial importations of 25 bulls and 140 females from Switzerland.

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