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The Brown Swiss Association was established in 1880, registers about 10,000 animals per year and serves about 1800 combined adult and junior members. It is governed by a 10-person board of directors elected by and from the membership.
  • The world population of Brown Swiss is reported to be about 7 million, which ranks either first or second in world-wide population of dairy cattle.
  • Perhaps the oldest of all dairy breeds, Brown Swiss originated in the valleys and mountain slopes of Switzerland around 4000 B.C., according to some historians.
  • Today, the beautiful Brown Cattle can still be found across the globe, including in the United States, where the largest concentration is in Wisconsin, Iowa and Ohio.
  • They are often noted for their big floppy ears and docile temperament.
  • Their hooves, muzzle and switch are usually black.
  • Brown Swiss cattle can be grey, dark brown, tan or even almost white in color.
  • The Brown Swiss you see grazing across the United States countryside descend from initial importations of 25 bulls and 140 females from Switzerland.
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