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Congratulations to the 2023 New England Bell Ringers!

BF52299 Ledge N Tree TO Beasweet.jpg

Ledge N Tree TO Beasweet

Winning Spring Calf

DOB: April 11, 2023

Owner: Alivia Pickard

Clover Spring 2023.jpg

A Joy D Clover
Winning Spring Yearling

DOB: March 23, 2022

Owner: Brailey Livingston

Pocket Aces Win the Natty EVT.jpeg

Pocket Aces Win the Natty ETV

Winning Winter Calf

DOB: December 23, 2022

Owner: Keenan Thygesen


Silver Top Elmstar Trendy

Winning Summer Yearling

DOB: June 8, 2022

Leased by: Adele Biasini

BF52298 Ledge N Tree WF Baby.jpg

Ledge N Tree WF Baby
Winning Fall Yearling

DOB: October 2, 2021

Owner: Alivia Pickard

Ledge N Tree C Blanche.jpeg

Ledge N Tree C Blanche 

Winning Senior 2 Year Old

DOB December 1, 2020

Owned by Kaitlyn and Lindsey Brown

Colebrook Creek DT Alina.jpeg


Colebrook Creek DT Alina

Winning Jr. 3 Year Old

DOB: March 7, 2020  

Owner: Abigail Wilber


Name: Terra Rose Cliff Shasta

Winning Sr. 3 Year Old

DOB: December 4, 2019

Owner Name: Adele Biasini


*Acknowledged Spring Calf*
Name: Chupps Cadence Moxie

DOB: March 1, 2023

Owner Name: Adele Biasini

*Acknowledged Winter Calf*

RVDL Famous Malibu

Class: Winter Calf

DOB: December 19, 2022

Owner: Brailey Livingston

                                                                        *Acknowledged Winter Yearling                         Allandra Rampage Karie                                      Class: Winter Yearling                                           DOB: December 16, 2021                   Leased by: Brailey Livingston

*Acknowledged Winter Calf*                Name: Silver Top Design Tricky        

DOB: December 1, 2022                

Leased by: Adele Biasini 

*Acknowledged Senior 2 Year Old*

Allandra Rampage Marlena

Class: Senior 2 Year Old

DOB: December 1, 2020

Owner: Brailey Livingston

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